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When you want to listen on the public safety and military channels around you, it’s easy with the Uniden Homepatrol 1 from

uniden homepatrol

Uniden Homepatrol

. This device is powerful and makes it simple to listen in on law enforcement, government, military, aircraft and other channels.

The Uniden scanner is one of the best tech gadgetsavailable for scanners. It’s a powerful narrow brand scanner that allows you to punch in a zip code and listen anywhere you want. In addition, you can get the GPS kit to make this scanner work for you on the go, so if you’re headed on the road, this scanner now doubles for a safe way to travel.

Uniden handhelds are also one of the best machines to have in the home or car. has been known for their products for many years. With the best quality and low prices, they sell everything from digital scanners, racing scanners, CB radios and surveillance cameras to high end cameras such as the Uniden.

Many of the Uniden scanners are ready to go and come with speakers, USB cables and GPS kits so you can take them with you. You can also pick up a digital police scanner, mobile scanner, NASCAR scanner or even base scanners to get all kinds of channels.

These are the perfect gifts for those who love the military and law enforcement or just for someone who travels frequently and wants to hear the latest from public safety, military and police channels. You’re guaranteed to get the best quality from