Android to Play Game

Tips on Choosing a Good Android to Play Game

Published on Author DonaldD

Intending to buy a mobile phone with Android operating system? and still confused where the Android phone are suitable for gaming? Because as we know, today many outstanding Android phones with diverse variants of prices, all of which offer gaming features and of course offer maximum performance. But make no mistake, despite the ad anAndroid phone so nice and steady while playing, but in reality, a lot of Android phones are not robust and often hangs when used for gaming.

Before you decide to buy an Android phone for gaming, it’s good to consider first the following tips and tricks, the tips to choose a good Android phone to play games.

Screen – The first thing to note of course the screen size. To be able to play games comfortably, at least to choose a standard screen is 3.7 inches, but of course it’s a 4 inch up better, so you can be satisfied while playing the game.

Processor – when purchasing an Android phone to play a game, shall take into account the processor is used, make sure at least that you will buy the phone is equipped with a Dual Core processor, Why? Because now more and more 3D games that require very fast processor performance. So with at least a dual core processor, you can enjoy the latest games with ease. Of course, to make it more comfortable again, you should better choose a Quad Core course with a more expensive price.

RAM – after the processor shall also note the RAM from anAndroid phone. It must be a minimum of 512GB of RAM so you can play the latest Android games smoothly without jamming lag. RAM is the bigger the better, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is equipped with 2GB of RAM, will be very comfortable to wear gaming.

GPU – It shall be the concern is to make sure your Android phone is equipped with a GPU or Graphics Processing Unit, so it can play 3D games with more steady.

Conclusion: the minimum specifications of Android phones are great for game play Dual Core Processor (Quad Core better yet), at least 512MB or 1GB RAM, equipped with a GPU, plus a minimum of 3.7-inch screen (4 inches or more recommended).

For colleagues who have decided to buy android phone. You can find best android games on the internet. Androidoperating system is open source, making the developer keeps pace to develop it.